A Meredith Schneider - Pole Load Calculator and Price Request Sheet
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Line Type Length-Class Qty Select Quantity Est.Vol. Est.Wght MAD6' AD6' ADC MADT TADT GrndLine *Nom.Load
Weight/Target *All dimensions defined below are diameter in inches. Est.Vol. = Est. Cubic Feet/Pole
Default Type:
MAD6' = Minimum Average Diameter 6' from butt of pole.  Est.Wght = Est. Weight Lbs./Pole
Company: AD6' = Average Diameter 6' from butt of pole. GrndLine = ANSI -Feet from Butt
Phone: ADC = Average Expected Diameter of pole. *Nom.Load = ANSI-O5.1 - 50%
Email: MADT = Minimum Average Diameter at top of pole. failure load for laterally applied
Contact: TADT = Typical Average Diameter at top of pole. loads 2 Feet from pole top (lbs.)
ShipTo Address: ShipTo Cities & States
City, State Zip: Calculated Distribution Point:
Split Load$: Location 2: Location 3:
Ind. Inspection:
PO Number:
Additional Pricing Considerations:   To help us establish our best price for your company, we recommend taking this survey on your first request. Your company information and pricing will be saved for future requests from your company.